It took me some time to decide on what I would write.

Being my first blog post, I wanted it to be an eye opener, but I also didn’t want to overload all my readers with information, and/or statistics.

I sat down and came up with some ideas; and with the media being absolutely on fire with racism of late, believe me when I say I had quite a lot to pick from – but I’ve decided to start small… well, small considering the long list of things I could have potentially picked to rant about.

So, here we go.

Let’s start with the image that caught my attention yesterday.
An image that made my blood boil.

Source: Bryce Cawte, Facebook

While casually scrolling through Facebook, I came across this image, which was shared with the caption:
“Here is a perfect example of racism towards Australia’s Aboriginal people still alive. Uncle Moogy rang me and was telling me of some person writing “Kill all Abos” on one of his campaign corflutes, he then asked me if I could post this and put this out there to show people the racism Aboriginal people still have to face.”

Bryce Cawte, Facebook page

I wish I could say that it’s hard to believe that this kind of racism is still alive in 2019; but really, it’s not hard to believe…

Did you know that 97% of Aboriginal peoples face racism “often”?

As an Aboriginal woman, I see the racism that Aboriginal peoples face, and it’s heartbreaking.
It’s hard to put into words just how gut-wrenching it is to see images such as this one on social media, and to know that someone, somewhere, felt that this kind of racist attitude was okay.
And what is even more disturbing, is knowing that the person who did this, doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

This leaves me questioning whether or not we can close the gap in the near future.

Next week I’ll be looking into One Nations ‘Forced DNA Testing’ promotion.

Feature image source here
Stats found here

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