“You don’t have to go back and change things that were written in the past.”

Scott Morrison

This is something that I’m very vocal about…
The amount of anger I feel toward our government in regard to spending $50+ million in taxpayer’s money in order to fund something that represents the destruction of my culture.

There are several reasons why this angers me, and one of those reasons is due to the lack of funding put into Aboriginal communities.
That’s $50 MILLION put toward a statue of the man behind colonisation; rather than put toward helping with housing, etc. in Aboriginal communities.

The government are constantly stressing that the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples needs to be closed, but in my opinion, this will drive a further wedge between Aboriginal and non-Indigenous peoples and/or communities.

“It’s still an invasion and it’s still an unwanted invasion.”

Pastor and Aboriginal activist, Ray Minniecon

Now, while PM Scott Morrison believes that the erection of a Captain Cook statue will represent “both sides of our history”, I beg to differ – and I’m sure a lot of other people do also.

I’m not entirely sure how Morrison can believe that a statue of Captain Cook, a recreation of Cook’s voyage, and a museum that represents colonialism, could possibly represent my people?

“The way we intend to implement it would be in a sensitive way, but one that in no way stepped back from acknowledging the nat­ional significance of that day ­almost 250 years ago.”

Scott Morrison

Hmmm, which significance are we talking about here ScoMo? The significance of Cook’s “discovery”, or the significance of the invasion of an entire peoples?

A statue of Cook will not represent the significance of my people, or my culture.
A statue of Cook will not close the gap.
A statue of Cook will not represent “All Australians”.

A statue of Cook will not acknowledge what happened 250 years ago, because what happened 250 years ago has been immensely white-washed, and does not fairly represent my people and our history.

A statue of Cook will divide us – Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

“He [Cook] gets a bit of a bad show from some of those who like to sort of talk down our history.”

Scott Morrison

Moral of the story is that I strongly believe that the $50 million our government wants to spend on recreating Cook’s “voyage”, could be better spent elsewhere – particularly on Aboriginal communities and health.

It could be spent closing the gap, rather than making it wider.

Published by taleasha

21 | Female | South Coast | Fourth year at UOW: Bachelor of Journalism - Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies | Group 7 Rugby League Media Manager

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